Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Vintage-Look Journal

This journal, too, will soon be on its way to someone, this time in the USA.

The little framed photo was a fleamarket find, frame and all. The inside pages are embellished with scraps of paper from an old German book in fraktura script, a handwritten account ledger from 1931 (again, a fleamarket find), and some definitions from a sheet of scrapbook paper.

This time I simply punched three holes and tied the pages together using fibres. The journal is rounded off by a simple punched tag and a scrap of stick-on fabric border. The tabs on the right are just strips of paper folded and glued on. There is space for the recipient to write a few words on a topic of her choice.

New artists often worry that making journals and the like will cost them a fortune. It can, if you purchase all the commercial scrapbooking supplies available, but it doesn't need to. If you pick up material at fleamarkets or just keep your eyes open for interesting magazine images and junk mail, you can work even on the tightest budget. You probably have knitting yarn tucked away someplace and you can use cut up cereal boxes as cardstock to start with.

Mind you, I love scrapbooking supplies, too...


Margaret said...

Splendid, Susan! I adore the vintage look and the use of different script snippets.

Linda said...

Susan I love all of your little journals - I never seem to have such lucky finds as you do though!!! But then I only have charity shops, no flea markets, nearby. Wonderful work.