Saturday, July 15, 2006

Three-of-One Art Challenge

Would you like me to send you an item of original art by mail? Here's how to get it...

Go through your art/craft/scrapbooking materials and send me an envelope or small bag of things you've been hoarding but know you won't use anytime soon. The material should be enough for me to use in three similar pieces of art. The art will be of a size that I can send through the international mail service.

I'll use as much of your material as I can, and I'll probably supplement it with materials from my own stash, so don't feel you have to send piles of stuff. You don't. Just look for materials that are interesting or unusual. Please don't send junk, though. Here's a typical example of what people send for me to work with:

If you click to enlarge the image you'll see that the gold stickers are half used and that the paper is only half a sheet. In this example there are also three ATC-sizes snips of paper, three calendar pages, and some buttons, eyelets, and artificial flower stamens. That's all....

You'll receive one piece, I'll keep one piece, and the third piece will be given to someone as an art RAK (Random Act of Kindness). Why not add yourself or a friend to my RAK list, too? Just click the "Inspired2Write" link on the right and use the website email form to contact me and let me know if you want my address to send material and/or share your name, street address and email address if you want to be added to the art RAK list. Please be explicit about the reason you are contacting me, as people are often extremely vague and I can't read minds.

I work in many different styles, and pieces are often inspired by the materials at hand, so I can't really say in advance what I'll make for you. You might receive a box shrine, an embellished (completed) mini-journal, a collage, a couple of ATC, or something completely different.

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Ramona said...

Susan, I just visited your site for the first time and so am not familiar with all that you do, but you mentioned in "About me" that you want to study art but find it impossible in Germany. Just yesterday, a friend in New Mexico (USA) told me that a California woman she knows has retired and is moving to Prague where she will teach English. So, maybe you could put out a request for an American art teacher who's ready for something new to come to Germany and start an art program for adults.