Sunday, July 09, 2006

Postcards and pictures

Gaeta in Italy

These are postcards I made for the "Alterations" group postcard swap. The idea was to take normal picture postcards and alter them. Each of us has three partners, and, as usual, all of mine are in the USA. (Where on Earth do all the European artists hide away?)

Rendsburg in Germany

So these cards will be on their way tomorrow to Jackie Baxted, Renee Stockfleth, and Livia Hajowsky respectively. To preserve a touch of suspense, I won't say who gets which card...

Geneva in Switzerland

Today I'm going to another flea market, and I already know there will be two or three amateur sellers who have old letters, photos, and cabinet cards. Sadly, each of them thinks she is in possession of priceless treasures that are going to make her rich when the right buyers happens along. The reality is that the market is flooded with junk like that, and everyone is asking so much that they can't get rid of it. Another year or two and the material will be good only for the rubbish bin. Two of the sellers have material so brittle it will crumble if handled too much and photos so faded they can only be useful if I digitally enhance them and print copies. The last time I asked, they wanted way too much for their "gems". Today I'll try once again to pick up the stuff for a price worth paying, this is to say, for cents rather than euros per piece. Wish me luck!

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