Saturday, July 29, 2006

Paper Doll

I'm taking part in an online paper doll class, and this is my prototype. It's a very basic "how do all these bits fit together" rather than a real attempt to make a doll. I've got the real thing on my workbench right now, ready for some fun.

I've always loved paper dolls. I had a boxful of them when I was a little girl (and oh, if only I could have that box now...)

Yesterday I finally started on the long-planned triptych painting for my living room wall. All I can say is... I sure as heck wish that acrylics had been available when I was at school. I groan when I think back to those awful poster paints. I loved acrylics the moment I tried them (a long time ago now). They are so intuitive and I feel there is no way to make a mistake, as there is with oils or other paints. Somehow I "understand" acrylics. I'll post photos soon.


Linda said...

Me too - I'd play for hours with paper dolls as a child, and design endless outfits for them... so I can appreciate the attraction. Good luck with your course.

Linda *feeling wistful*

Gena said...

This is too cool Susan, where is the paper doll making class?