Saturday, July 01, 2006

1000 Mini-Journals

An artwork a day keeps frustration at bay. Or something along those lines. This is a mini journal I made for my 1000 Mini-Journals project. I donate artwork to charities fairly often, and my original idea for this year's charity project had been to set up a group and create 1000 little art journals. The group came together in January, and everything looked quite promising at first, but, as so often, life quickly got in the way for many of the members. We started again in in early May with a smaller group, and if I change the achievement target to 2007 instead of 2006, we should still be able to reach the goal.

All the journals are the same size. (I provide a pdf tutorial for group members.) What makes the difference are the materials various artists use and the techniques they work with to embellish the journals inside and out. The project attracted some quilters as well as paper- and mixed-media artists, so there is considerable variety in style and approach.

My journal styles vary. Today's journal is a "glue book"style journal filled with interesting scraps of paper and ephemera I had in my scraps box. I cut the tags with a craft punch, wrote on one side, then stuck them into the journal and added fibres for richness.

1000 Journals group:


Cece DeSouza said...

That's very creative and intereting alright. Best of luck!

Maureen said...

it's been an epiphany to see your journals:gives me more of an idea of What and how!

Interesting to see your Art dolls too!