Friday, July 28, 2006

View of Beyond

The title of this collage card is "View of Beyond". It goes to Barb in Montana, USA, in exchange for a card titles "Sister," which I received from her yesterday.

I created the background for "View of Beyond" by dry-brushing on cadmium red (one direction, leave to dry) and then pale gold (other direction) acrylic paints. Brush marks and gaps are intentional. On top of that I pasted a scrap of tissue wrapping (white) with a stylised flower rank pattern (silver).

Layer three contains a scrap of print, colored with chalk (bottom) and a scrap of hand-cast paper (upper left) Over that I placed two scraps of textured paper (upper left and along the right edge) that I made a while back using gesso, gold acrylic paint, and a tooth comb.

The angel was created using a face from a collage sheet, a scrap sheet rose, some scrapbooking paper, and text from an old book. The wording is a packing tape transfer.

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