Thursday, June 28, 2007

Words - Kari Gibson

It's time to show the first set of contributions I received from others as part of the fantasy dictionary project. These were sent to me by Kari Gibson. The photos don't do justice to Kari's work, and what you can't see here is that the cards are covered in beeswax, which feels and smells lovely.

Kari is "real" artist -- degree and all -- who lives in Scotland. You can see more of Kari's work on her blog, and you'll also find links to her Etsy site, where you can purchase her art.

Inky Tinker -

Here are Kari's definitions:

Dembent (noun - dom-BON): A person who collects spoons; a spoon collector. Term particularly used in silverware auction rooms for bids obsessively for spoon collections.
Example of use: My uncle was a great dembent. He spent all his spare income on spoons.

Cesper (noun - SESS-per): The part of a jug handle that joins the handle to the jug. In pottery making, the handle usually forms an inverted "S" and the cesper is the part that is the lower part of the "S" and is joined to the jug with watery clay, called slip.
Example of use: Mary was upset that her lovely new jug had broken, just above the cesper, and can no longer be used.

Abronone (adjective - ab-ron-OWN): Describes the feel of the weight of a helmet on the wearers head. It is similar in meaning to the words heavy or dense, but refers in particular to the special weight of metal on scalp.
Example of use: Arthur complained that the abronone helmet was contributing to his increasing hair loss.

Ornocone (verb - orn-o-KONE-eh): The vibrations that occur when more than one animal of the canine species (usually wolves) howls. The effects are particularly noticeable during a full moon.
Example of use: It was one of those wonderful clear nights, and the ornocone howling of wolves could be heard from the other side of the woods.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Three Ladies

Life has been somewhat overwhelming (mostly in the negative) of late, with much happening that has taken time to handle. Just today, Gena asked me what I'd been doing art-wise of late, and I responded that I'd just been ticking over. I've completed one or two small things, but my energy is so depleted that I can't work on the larger projects right now.

Here are three paper doll ladies I created from a template outline by Sherry Goshon. I have several more of these in progress on my workbench.

If you are interested in a personal one for one swap, please feel welcome to contact me through the link in my profile.