Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Xmas Bazaar

This is one of the photos taken at the recent Xmas bazaar. And yes, that's me.

I'm really glad I decided to have a table, as it was a wonderful experience. I sold all 24 hand-bound advent wreaths (not visible in this image) and around half of my paperware stock .. and I had a LOT of stock with me.
Many, many people commented positively on my work and were often amazed that one person could (a) produce so much and (b) come up with so many different and partly unusual ideas. Some items were so popular that I had to make more and deliver them in the week that followed.
My thirteen-year-old grandson came along to help me, and I was glad of it, because the table was crowded several times during the afternoon. He really was a great help. I'm sure part of his success lay in the fact that he charmed the ladies, as he has done since he was a baby.
I went to the bazaar with little by way of expectations. If anything, the idea I had in mind was to guage reactions and keep an eye open to see what people found interesting and what they purchased, if anything. I now have a very good idea of what I can make more of for 2008.