Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Lanwigh

Lanwigh (noun): LAN-wi ("i", as in "eye"), in the literal sense, a ritual drum. In the wider sense, messages of wisdom received from the deep self and collective consciousness. Alibin and quilard possess lanwigh and regularly take part in lanwigh meetings, during which drumming and dancing are employed as a way of accessing spiritual wisdom. Lanwigh are the oldest musical instruments and shamanic tools known to us and express links to and respect for the most ancient ancestors.

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Celesne

Celesne (noun): ce(h)-LANE, positive, love-sharing emotions hidden behind the protective masks of day-to-day life. We also speak of "celesne moments" in which emotional breakthroughs and revelations lead to existential relief and to deep life-joy and emotional happiness for those involved.

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Streta

Streta (noun): STRAY-ta, in the specific sense: women's rites of passage; the blood-rites of women. Streta is the term for the main transitions and phases in women's lives: girl-childhood to maidenhood, maidenhood to motherhood/womanhood, and adult womanhood to cronehood. The term also applies to the smaller monthly cycles and passages of womanhood and, in a looser sense, to any experience that is linked to the emotional learning of womanhood, like the pain of loss in relationships, or the bitter-sweetness of watching children move out into their own independent lives.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Athadias

Athadias (noun): a-tha-DEE-as, entrance to the temple

In its literal sense, athadias is the physical entrance to a shrine or temple. The entrance is usually elaborate, to mark the point of crossing from the everyday, outward world to the inner world of spirit clearly.

In its wider sense, athadias describes the personal pathway of exploration an individual walks to explore the spiritual aspects of life and enter into communion with the Divine (Deas: see there).

There are many athadias, and most are a combination of shared and personal ritual and personal experience and exploration. Those who wish it can seek support and counsel from alibin, but it is not a requirement of athadias to do so.

All are taught how they can seek their personal athadias, if they wish to do so, but no one is obliged to pursue athadias if they do not feel called.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Enciani

Enciani: noun, en-see-AH-nee, artist-healer(s).
Encianis: (noun) healing through art
Enciania (verb): the act of art healing.

Enciani work in the worlds of color, form, texture, and music. Each enciani works to express her or his inner world and its meaning. In their work with others, enciani encourage art appreciation and in particular the active exploration of personal creativity to help develop a rounded personality and open a very personal pathway to healing and growth. Enciani often work with other healers, particularly quilard (word-healers), alibin (spirit-wise) and morgisti (body-healers), in therapeutic situations.

The African woman is from a German advertising brochure for the musical "The Lion King". Whenever I see this brochure, I grab as many of them as I decently can, because I love this image. The woman is so earthy, the materials and colors in her costume are vibrant, and her stance exudes energy. To me, she represents an image of art that is sensual, grounded, loud, and very, very present.

I appreciate the art of many cultures, including the "fine" art of my own European background, but I think the enciani understanding of what art means (rather than what it looks, feels, or sounds like) is more akin to African-style art.

* * *

"If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, I will answer you: "I am here to live out loud." (Emile Zola)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Alibin

Alibin (noun): al-eh-BEEN, priestesses/sages

Alibin, also known as "the spirit-wise", are priestesses and sages. There are both male and female alibin, but all important roles in their circle are held by women who have entered their "second lives" (see there).

An alibin is born with her (or his) talents for prophecy, telepathy, and her divine calling, all of which are usually visible from around the age of three years. Alibin are traditionally gifted in many disciplines, and they are encouraged to develop their abilities and excel all round. Alibin naturally gain satisfaction from who and what they are, through personal achievement, in the course of their work, and in most cases through a very small number of deep personal relationships, rather than through what they own or earn or through popularity and worldly status. Their education is academically demanding but also focuses strongly on the exploration of creativity in all forms and on development and integration of moral understanding and empathy with other individuals.

Most alibin are by nature fine-tuned to the spirit world. Their education teaches them how to refine this skill and to discern between self-based overlays and true spiritual communication in their work. At a general level Alibin work with quilard (scribes and word healers) to explore and record the eternal, divine truths. As priestesses and priests, they create and celebrate rituals that help people in general access the divine. At a personal level, alibin provide personal counsel and assist individuals who wish to make closer contact with the world of spirit. Alibin are often invited to be present during threshold experiences like birth and death, to act as conduits for the healing powers of divinity or for divine truth and blessings.

* * *

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." Ellen Parr

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Quilard

Quilard (noun): kwee-LARD, word/wisdom-healer(s)
Quilardis (noun): healing through words.
Quilardia (verb): the act of word-healing.

Quilard are scribes, poets, writers of truths, explorers and interpreters of mysteries, religions, and philosophies of wisdom. Most (but not all) quilards are women, because the calling demands deep insight in to people, hermeneutic abilities, and extensive development of networked- and allegorical thinking skills.

Quilardis (noun) is is a healing art often used in combination with encianis (art-healing) and morgistis (body-healing).

Both quilard and alibin (priestesses; the spirit-wise) walk between the worlds. They often work hand-in-hand to explore and describe spiritual wisdom and find the necessary healing path for an individual.

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Cestoses

Cestoses (noun) sess-TOES-ees

Cestoses is a matter or matters of the heart, soul, or spirit, in contrast to matters of the physical, objective world. Cestostes are located at the border between psychology and spirituality, which are seen as aspects of the same thing.

Individuals can engage with cestoses at an intellectual level or be affected at an existential level, much in the same way that people can study psychology or be psychologically unwell, or study medicine or be physically ill.

From childhood on, all citizens learn cestological "first aid", that is, the principles and working of cestoses; they are also taught self-exploration and self-healing skills, so they can cope with day-to-day issues that may arise.

If a cestological imbalance arises, an individual may and should seek the support of healers, usually quilard (word/wisdom healers), enciani (art-healers), and alibin (a type of priestess/priest; see there). The advice of morgisti (body-healers) or volmyri (scientists) may be sought, but is usually of secondary importance.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Volmyri

Volmyri (noun) vol-MEE-ree: Natural scientist(s)
Volmyris (noun) : objective, empirical science(s)
Volmyria: (verb): the act of pursuing science; researching

Volmyri are scientists and researchers who explore the objective world, describe it in empirical terms, and explain it so an interested majority may understand it. They work hand in hand with other researchers and with healers to explore the current extent of the explainable world and document their findings for future reference.

Volmyri are skilled at discovering why materials, processes, or phenomena exist and how they function. Many of the skills and states previously considered as esoteric or psychological, like telepathic communication or kinesthesia, are now known to have a biological or chemical component. By defining the processes involved, volmyri are able to help others extend their skill repertoire and increase the quality of their lives and inner experience in entirely natural ways.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Anacaron

Anacaron (noun), an-a-CAR-on: unfulfilled love or desire.

Anacaron is not a "light" feeling, rather, it is one of the most intense, life-determining emotions a human being can experience. The experience of anacaron defines a person's entire existence and colors their outlook on life.

In the young, anacaron is most often experienced as a deep, undefinable yearning for something grander, more meaningful than what circumstances offer. It drives individuals to seek fulfillment, to create and experience to the extreme, often in a romantic or artistic sense.

In mature persons, especially those who have loved deeply and suffered the loss of the beloved, anacaron also describes the emptiness, longing, and unfulfillable desire that occurs in the face of the absolute finality of loss and the impossibility of restoration of the perfect state.
Anacaron is also experienced in connection with belonging in all its deep forms, as in a search for a place to belong, souls with which to share one's life, and for unique forms of personal artistic expression.

I aim to create these pages first and then analyse them only after they are finished. This one is interesting, because it's the background (the past) that is rosy and contains texture (feeling). The foreground (the present and the foreseeable future) is sepia toned, which makes the fruits and flowers (nourishment and beauty) appear dried, that is to say, preserved from a more abundant past.

The human image I found for this collage was Sandro Botticelli's Venus (from an dental advertising brochure). That's not an unusual image to use, as this image of Venus is widely available and it'S meaning easily recognised. What I find interesting is that she is looking down and to the right, viewed from her own perspective. According to some NLP eye assessing cue theory I checked out, this usually means a person is accessing bodily feelings or emotions, and is often recalling them from the past. If you ask me, this lovely Venus looks anything other than happy in any case, so she fits the definition nicely.

Definition: Michael Krause and Susan J. Letham
Artwork: Susan J. Letham

Friday, April 13, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Morgisti

Morgisti: noun, mor-JIS-tee, body-healer(s)
Morgistis (noun) body healing
Morgistia (verb): the act of body healing.

Morgisti work mainly to make whole and maintain the beauty of the physical body. Their work includes but goes far beyond the limited approaches of what we call medicine and encompasses "wellness", healthy lifestyle advice, beauty care on all levels, honour work and cherishing. Everyone is in the care of a morgisti.

It is the task of the morgisti to keep the body of a person in their care in as functional a state as possible and to encourage its care and appreciation, inwardly and outwardly.

When a body grows old or is in some form disabled, it is the task of the morgisti to create the best possible physical, emotional, psychological, living space and device-based circumstances in which the body can function to the highest possible degree in harmony and comfort, regardless of state of appearance or health.

Unlike traditional doctors, morgisti have no perceived special authority or particularly superior knowledge that supercedes the knowledge and abilities of other healers. They always work with quilard (word-healers) and enciani (art- healers), particularly when healing is linked to cestoses (a matter of the heart, soul, or spirit), which is almost always the case.

Fantasy Dictionary: Invitation

I'm currently working on a dictionary journal made up of computer-generated words. All words generated by the programme conform to valid sound-rules of the English language but do not actually exist in English.

My idea is to define meanings for the words and to create a collage-illustrated dictionary to show as well as tell the meaning to others.

Several artist friends are already taking part, and if you'd like to contribute one or more words/pages to this project, I'd be delighted. If you'd like to join, please welcome to contact me via the email address in my profile, and I'll send you words and my snail mail address.
The deadline for this project is 31 May, 2007.

Here is the longer project description:

I want to create a visual dictionary for a fantasy language. The pages will be 4x4 inches or 10x10 cm. (The difference is minimal, so it makes no difference which unit you choose.)
Each page will be a loose leaf (tip-in) on card. I'll bind the pages after I've received them.
I'd like to ask each participant to create between 4-10 of these small pages, but of course, any contribution at all, even a single page, is very welcome.

I'll send each participant a list of words. What you need to do once you receive words is decide what kind of word each one is (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, conjunction, preposition, interjection, prefix, or suffix).

I send each artist a list of 10 words to work with. Choose some from the list or use them all, as you please, Everyone will receive different words, so there will be no doubles. I'll define any words you don't work with myself.

On one side of the card, write the word, the kind of word it is, the way it is spoken (syllable stress), the meaning, and a sentence that illustrates its use. The sentence that illustrates usage can be in English, except for the word you are defining. You should also add the words "defined by" and your personal details here.

Example: xerposel, noun, xer-po-SEL: a kneeling position taken up for prayer, supplication, or adoration; kneeling with eyes closed or lowered. The hands may be help palms together, cupped in the lap, or raised with the palms facing forward above the head. "During the ceremony, each person in the room adopted an appropriate xerposel.

The other side of the card should contain an artistic rendition of the word and the word itself. The rendition may be figurative or abstract.

As I said above, this is a small project I'd like to complete quickly. I'd like the pages to be completed and in my hands by 31 May.