Friday, April 13, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary: Invitation

I'm currently working on a dictionary journal made up of computer-generated words. All words generated by the programme conform to valid sound-rules of the English language but do not actually exist in English.

My idea is to define meanings for the words and to create a collage-illustrated dictionary to show as well as tell the meaning to others.

Several artist friends are already taking part, and if you'd like to contribute one or more words/pages to this project, I'd be delighted. If you'd like to join, please welcome to contact me via the email address in my profile, and I'll send you words and my snail mail address.
The deadline for this project is 31 May, 2007.

Here is the longer project description:

I want to create a visual dictionary for a fantasy language. The pages will be 4x4 inches or 10x10 cm. (The difference is minimal, so it makes no difference which unit you choose.)
Each page will be a loose leaf (tip-in) on card. I'll bind the pages after I've received them.
I'd like to ask each participant to create between 4-10 of these small pages, but of course, any contribution at all, even a single page, is very welcome.

I'll send each participant a list of words. What you need to do once you receive words is decide what kind of word each one is (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, conjunction, preposition, interjection, prefix, or suffix).

I send each artist a list of 10 words to work with. Choose some from the list or use them all, as you please, Everyone will receive different words, so there will be no doubles. I'll define any words you don't work with myself.

On one side of the card, write the word, the kind of word it is, the way it is spoken (syllable stress), the meaning, and a sentence that illustrates its use. The sentence that illustrates usage can be in English, except for the word you are defining. You should also add the words "defined by" and your personal details here.

Example: xerposel, noun, xer-po-SEL: a kneeling position taken up for prayer, supplication, or adoration; kneeling with eyes closed or lowered. The hands may be help palms together, cupped in the lap, or raised with the palms facing forward above the head. "During the ceremony, each person in the room adopted an appropriate xerposel.

The other side of the card should contain an artistic rendition of the word and the word itself. The rendition may be figurative or abstract.

As I said above, this is a small project I'd like to complete quickly. I'd like the pages to be completed and in my hands by 31 May.

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