Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Quilard

Quilard (noun): kwee-LARD, word/wisdom-healer(s)
Quilardis (noun): healing through words.
Quilardia (verb): the act of word-healing.

Quilard are scribes, poets, writers of truths, explorers and interpreters of mysteries, religions, and philosophies of wisdom. Most (but not all) quilards are women, because the calling demands deep insight in to people, hermeneutic abilities, and extensive development of networked- and allegorical thinking skills.

Quilardis (noun) is is a healing art often used in combination with encianis (art-healing) and morgistis (body-healing).

Both quilard and alibin (priestesses; the spirit-wise) walk between the worlds. They often work hand-in-hand to explore and describe spiritual wisdom and find the necessary healing path for an individual.


Anonymous said...

Quilard...I like that. I think that is what I want to be; I believe I have been in training for that for a long time. I just may start writing "QiT" , as in "Jenny Smith, QiT". It has a nice ring to it, and there are already enough PhD's in the world...

shawa_strong_wind said...

Aren´t you ready to write a new chapter of "Dune"???? ;-)

Susan said...

If at all, then something much, much better, because more personal! I've always been impressed by those Bene Gesserits, though.