Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Athadias

Athadias (noun): a-tha-DEE-as, entrance to the temple

In its literal sense, athadias is the physical entrance to a shrine or temple. The entrance is usually elaborate, to mark the point of crossing from the everyday, outward world to the inner world of spirit clearly.

In its wider sense, athadias describes the personal pathway of exploration an individual walks to explore the spiritual aspects of life and enter into communion with the Divine (Deas: see there).

There are many athadias, and most are a combination of shared and personal ritual and personal experience and exploration. Those who wish it can seek support and counsel from alibin, but it is not a requirement of athadias to do so.

All are taught how they can seek their personal athadias, if they wish to do so, but no one is obliged to pursue athadias if they do not feel called.

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