Friday, April 13, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Morgisti

Morgisti: noun, mor-JIS-tee, body-healer(s)
Morgistis (noun) body healing
Morgistia (verb): the act of body healing.

Morgisti work mainly to make whole and maintain the beauty of the physical body. Their work includes but goes far beyond the limited approaches of what we call medicine and encompasses "wellness", healthy lifestyle advice, beauty care on all levels, honour work and cherishing. Everyone is in the care of a morgisti.

It is the task of the morgisti to keep the body of a person in their care in as functional a state as possible and to encourage its care and appreciation, inwardly and outwardly.

When a body grows old or is in some form disabled, it is the task of the morgisti to create the best possible physical, emotional, psychological, living space and device-based circumstances in which the body can function to the highest possible degree in harmony and comfort, regardless of state of appearance or health.

Unlike traditional doctors, morgisti have no perceived special authority or particularly superior knowledge that supercedes the knowledge and abilities of other healers. They always work with quilard (word-healers) and enciani (art- healers), particularly when healing is linked to cestoses (a matter of the heart, soul, or spirit), which is almost always the case.

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