Friday, April 20, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Alibin

Alibin (noun): al-eh-BEEN, priestesses/sages

Alibin, also known as "the spirit-wise", are priestesses and sages. There are both male and female alibin, but all important roles in their circle are held by women who have entered their "second lives" (see there).

An alibin is born with her (or his) talents for prophecy, telepathy, and her divine calling, all of which are usually visible from around the age of three years. Alibin are traditionally gifted in many disciplines, and they are encouraged to develop their abilities and excel all round. Alibin naturally gain satisfaction from who and what they are, through personal achievement, in the course of their work, and in most cases through a very small number of deep personal relationships, rather than through what they own or earn or through popularity and worldly status. Their education is academically demanding but also focuses strongly on the exploration of creativity in all forms and on development and integration of moral understanding and empathy with other individuals.

Most alibin are by nature fine-tuned to the spirit world. Their education teaches them how to refine this skill and to discern between self-based overlays and true spiritual communication in their work. At a general level Alibin work with quilard (scribes and word healers) to explore and record the eternal, divine truths. As priestesses and priests, they create and celebrate rituals that help people in general access the divine. At a personal level, alibin provide personal counsel and assist individuals who wish to make closer contact with the world of spirit. Alibin are often invited to be present during threshold experiences like birth and death, to act as conduits for the healing powers of divinity or for divine truth and blessings.

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shawa_strong_wind said...

So then... I´m an "alibin"! Aha! *light bulb flashing*

Susan said...

Part of all creation stories is the point at which the divine commands: Let there be light!" So your insight is an appropriate response! While I was playing with this term, I also picked up association with albino and albedo, both of which fit here, too.

shawa_strong_wind said...

Ah yes, indeed. Priestesses of the "albino" (white) light! ...

Jill said...

Oh, just wonderful !