Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Volmyri

Volmyri (noun) vol-MEE-ree: Natural scientist(s)
Volmyris (noun) : objective, empirical science(s)
Volmyria: (verb): the act of pursuing science; researching

Volmyri are scientists and researchers who explore the objective world, describe it in empirical terms, and explain it so an interested majority may understand it. They work hand in hand with other researchers and with healers to explore the current extent of the explainable world and document their findings for future reference.

Volmyri are skilled at discovering why materials, processes, or phenomena exist and how they function. Many of the skills and states previously considered as esoteric or psychological, like telepathic communication or kinesthesia, are now known to have a biological or chemical component. By defining the processes involved, volmyri are able to help others extend their skill repertoire and increase the quality of their lives and inner experience in entirely natural ways.

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