Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Doodle Journal

Shakti's sumptuous Doodle Journal arrived last week. This is my contribution. I'm actually surprised to see that the gold and silver swirls show up in the photo, but I'm very glad they do.

I've been doodling a lot lately. I've almost completed an entire (thin) doodle AB of my own. I carried the book and a bag of felt pens everywhere I went, which didn't go entirely unnoticed. In the process, I managed to start a friend (58) off doing doodles. She was absolutely and very positively amazed at what she was able to create. Her pleasure (and flow) while working and her sense of achievement when she completed various doodles were a joy to watch.

So far, her craft medium of choice has always been window color, and she's always done the usual style of window color motifs. Now she's planning to try doodles in window color, which I think is a fantastic leap forward!

The thing about doodling is that is so accessible. There is no way anyone can doodle wrongly or poorly. I guess it all goes to show that a little bit of doodling goes a long, long way....


shawa_strong_wind said...

I´m so glad , not only for the results in my Journal (mmmm...), but for the pleasure it gave everyone who participated! That was exactly my aim! And thanks for your own participation, wow, I´m itching to see my journal again!...

Kari said...

That is a lovely page - what a lot of fun doodling must be. I might just give it a try myself too!

Kari x