Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fantasy Dictionary Definition: Cestoses

Cestoses (noun) sess-TOES-ees

Cestoses is a matter or matters of the heart, soul, or spirit, in contrast to matters of the physical, objective world. Cestostes are located at the border between psychology and spirituality, which are seen as aspects of the same thing.

Individuals can engage with cestoses at an intellectual level or be affected at an existential level, much in the same way that people can study psychology or be psychologically unwell, or study medicine or be physically ill.

From childhood on, all citizens learn cestological "first aid", that is, the principles and working of cestoses; they are also taught self-exploration and self-healing skills, so they can cope with day-to-day issues that may arise.

If a cestological imbalance arises, an individual may and should seek the support of healers, usually quilard (word/wisdom healers), enciani (art-healers), and alibin (a type of priestess/priest; see there). The advice of morgisti (body-healers) or volmyri (scientists) may be sought, but is usually of secondary importance.

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