Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Xmas Tags

Still on the topic of background papers... What do you think when you see images of fir cones and conifer branches in closeup? Me too. So I dug into my stash and pulled out some plain green card, painted watercolour paper, and paper napkins with a simple "Merry Christmas" message.

Using the same technique described below in the Tag-Bookies post, I cut four strips from each 12x12-inch (30x30 cm) background paper, folded the strips into tag booklets, snipped the corners and punched a hole in the flap and presto! Then I stamped the inside surface, cut card or paper to write on, and pamphlet stitched the cards/booklets into the cover.

To decorate the outside cover, which I did on one side only, I cut the painted watercolour paper slightly smaller than the tag and potched on a piece of "Merry Christmas" paper napkin. Art potch becomes semi-transparent when it dries, allowing a hint of colour from the underground to show through, and that brings a touch of subtlety to the shading of the top layer.

After trimming the napkin layer, I cut an every-so-slightly larger mat from the plain green card and layered mat and napkin onto the tag booklet.

This is a quick and easy project that you can also budget as desired. If you start now, you'll be able to make all the tag booklets you need for the holidays. There's still plenty of time to use each booklet as an art journal or "appreciation book" or "let me count the ways I love thee" in its own right and create a truly personal arty gift for each recipient.


Gena said...

What a great idea, so resourceful! This is just the type of thing that sells well too at Christmas fairs! Kind of scary though, already thinking about Christmas!

Lee Ambrose said...

Yet one more example of the endless ideas that you hold within that creative self! Great hints, great idea and I agree with Gena - Christmas fairs would gobble this up I am certain. Lee