Friday, August 25, 2006

Moi (me)

Sometimes I get annoyed with myself, because I have baggies and baggies that contain little scraps of paper and stuff and small images. From time to time I want to chuck them out, but I don't (though I do give some away), because I know...

.. that now and then the scraps will come together to create something small and pleasing, like today's offering, "moi."

Why "moi"? Well, it was one of the few words I was able to put together from the letters remaining on the sheet. It also fits, because the lady on the front appears to be pointing at herself.

The print and the ladies used in this mini tag-bookie were from the decoration Gena did on the front of the box in which she packaged her materials. The beige paper was a little piece from her mix. All I added were some leftover typewriter key stickers, the filling paper, and a few inches of fibre.

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