Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Box of Secrets

Art doesn't have to be big. This is an example of something you can do with a matchbox. It's the same size as a regular matchbox, but just a little deeper.

Start by painting the outside of both the drawer and slip cover. I used two shades of acrylic: dark for the drawer and lighter for the cover.

Line the drawer with a scrap of nice paper. Make a knob by poking through a paper fastener (brad) or a decorative stud. You can also sew on a button and attack a length fibre as a pull, or you might prefer to punch a finger-size hole instead.

I decorated this box with leftovers from other projects: a scrapsheet image, a transfer sheet postage stamp, a couple of real postage stamps. I also used a scrap of corrugated paper, painted on gesso, added a swipe of acrylic paint, and stuck on a strand of tiny fake pearls. The gold elements are something I salvaged from a cheap paper mache treasure chest a while back.

This is small and it was inexpensive to make, but even so, it's the kind of beautiful little gift you can give to your friends and know they'll appreciate it. And it's just perfect for those tiny summer treasures.

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