Monday, August 14, 2006

Lee's Journal

I had hoped to post this yesterday, but my middle daughter and I went off to a fish market in a nearby town, and by the time I got back home, Blogspot was on overload.

Sometime this week, a specific someone is going to read this post and feel rather pleased. I promised this to Lee a while ago, and now it's ready to be packed up and make the trip across the Atlantic.

The journal has gessoed covers on which I made a raised wave pattern with a tooth comb. I painted on ocean colours, as I know lee is fond of the shore, then I brushed the ridges with gold to add a bright contrast.

Inside, the pages were all colored (water soluble crayons and baby wipes) then edged with scraps of paper or ephemera. Other effects were made using a scrap of punchinella (sequin waste) as a mask and dabbing on chalk inks. I added a small corner pocket on the back inside page, as I love it when things stick out in journals.

One of the main ideas behind the journal is that it is not finished for once and for all. It can and should be added to, both in terms of embellishment and of additional pages to write on.


Chantal said...

Susan, like all the art you've been posting here, this journal is gorgeous and inviting! I have no doubt Lee will love it :-)


Gena said...

Beatiful and resourceful, so Susan!

artfulzebra said...

Ooh, great journal, Susan! I just love the textured cover - anything involving gesso alwasy does it for me! ;-D