Monday, August 28, 2006

Torso Tags

These three ladies are among the many small items I worked on in minutes scraped together here and there over the weekend.

The green lady is already packaged up and ready to embark on a flight to the USA later today. Her companion, the red lady, will remain with me. The royal lady with the legs (below) will also be making a journey soon, as a RAK for one of the artists in my Mini-Journal project.

I'm often asked where I find the time to do so much art. Well... come in closer and I'll tell you. Here's the "secret": you don't find time, you make it. My day has 1.440 minutes, just like yours, and just like everyone else's, and the only difference is in how I manage them. You can be just as productive as you think I am, if you are prepared to claim your time and use it to your advantage and if you're ready to make choices. For example, a lot of art is about waiting for things to dry, or about piecing collage elements together on a trial basis and waiting for them to say "yes" or "no" to you, and other stuff like that. So, while your art projects are bonding and jelling, you can get on with other tasks.

I'm also lucky in that I can leave some of my projects lying out on the workbench, ready for when I have a few minutes to take a next step. But before you start with "yes, well my situation is more difficult because of kids, pets, husband, space, or whatever...", you also need to know that I work with and around restrictions, too. I just make choices that differ from other people's. For example, space-wise I work in what other people would call a kitchen. Me? I just cook in my workshop from time to time.

Here's an article I wrote about making time for what matters to you. The article is written for would-be writers, but it applies equally to artists.

Make Time to Write!


Lee Ambrose said...

So true, so true Susan!

Chantal said...

Lovely torso ladies! I too was playing with torso dolls this weekend :-)

I totally agree, time is for those who make it happen. A bit like luck!