Friday, May 04, 2007

Dictionary Definition: Kyabi

Kyabi (noun): kai-AH-bi. The philosophical, metaphysical aspect of existence. The divine order that requires interpretation and cannot be understood solely through the physical senses. In everyday language, kyabi is used to describe fate or fortune. Among the healers enciani, quilard, etc.) and scientists (volmyri, morgisti, etc.), it is used to describe the interplay between seeming chaos and perceived order that determines the course of individual lives and shapes their thinking.

Kyabi is the part of life circumstances over which individuals have no direct control -- if you like: it is the wheel of fortune, or the cards tossed onto the table by an unseen hand. Kyabi is not determined by personal choice, though humans do have personal choice that can affect and wield kyabi. Nor is kyabi blind (divine) determination (though many believe that, too, exists in the world in question). Kyabi can be influenced to a degree, though.

Part of the work of healers, in particular, is to work with individuals to help them define and understand their kyabi. The next step is to find ways to help individuals make suitable life choices so that difficult aspects of kyabi have less effect and fortunate aspects lead to personal success and gratification.


Charlotte Kemsley (Lolly) said...

Susan, I saw a link to your site on Kari's blog, and just *had* to go see!! This is pure genius!!! I just love what you're doing here - making up your own universes is what I do best too LOL! (Well, try to;-D) I think you've started a whole new thing here - I'm def. going to have a go!

Hugs, Lolly x

Cre8Tiva said...

"Kyabi is the part of life circumstances over which individuals have no direct control..." I am feeling so out of direct control of my life right now. Waining for decisions that are not mine... Thank you for a symbol. Rebecca/Cre8Tiva

shawa_strong_wind said...

Your definition of "kyabi" is exactly what the Celts mean by "wyrd" - the personal wyrd, weaving one´s wyrd, one´s destiny.
Were you aware of it ? :-)