Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Three Ladies

Life has been somewhat overwhelming (mostly in the negative) of late, with much happening that has taken time to handle. Just today, Gena asked me what I'd been doing art-wise of late, and I responded that I'd just been ticking over. I've completed one or two small things, but my energy is so depleted that I can't work on the larger projects right now.

Here are three paper doll ladies I created from a template outline by Sherry Goshon. I have several more of these in progress on my workbench.

If you are interested in a personal one for one swap, please feel welcome to contact me through the link in my profile.


Lee Ambrose said...

Your paper doll ladies are darling, Susan! Sorry to hear that your life has had some unexpected bumps in the road. Hope that is soon to be no more. In the meantime, how wonderful that you have your art to allow you some reprieve.

shawa_strong_wind said...

Sorry to hear that, Best thought and a hug!

Gena said...

Who could be down with these ladies around? ;) Take care!