Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dictionary Definition: Sedisot

Sedisot (noun): SE-dee-so, a solitary, silent form of contemplation and connection with the Divine; a practitioner of sedisot.

Sedisot conveys a sense of minimalism without connotations of deprivation; it is aesthetic simplicity but not poverty. Through beauty, clarity, and explicit forms and choices, practitioners of sedisot (also called sedisot) feel they make it easier for divine revelation to manifest in distinguishable ways.

Sedisot often describe their work as "anchoring divinity". In some ways they see their vocation as related to that of the anchoresses and anchorites of the Middle Ages, but in a less physically isolated way that enables them to live full and active lives on all levels. Contemporary sedisot may withdraw for periods of contemplation but usually view sedisot activity more strongly as a state of mind and emotion rather than a need for ongoing physical seclusion.

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