Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dictionary Definition: Esspre

Esspre (noun): ES-pray. Esspre is the act of making personal gifts and talents visible (audible, etc.). It is, if you like, a form of "praying by doing" that benefits the active party and also, if relevant, those who witness the act, by offering beauty they can enjoy (as in en-joy -- to be made joyful).

The image of three dancers is located in a stylised sun, a symbol of personal energy, the rays of which decorated by glass beads and are therefore dimensional. The dancers exude composure and expression; they have gained control of their creative powers and have learned to cooperate with others to enhance effectivity. Each of the dancers benefits from group synergy while remaining an outstanding artist in her own right.

The beetle (a dung beetle) has long been seen as a symbol of transformation, renewal, and resurrection. The Egyptian scarab (dung beetle) was linked to Khepri, the god of the rising sun.

The hieroglyph for the scarab is made up of phonetics that translate as "to come into being" or "to become" or "to transform". Depending on the context, the hieroglyph translates as "form", "transformation", "happening", "mode of being" or "what has come into being", and may have existential, fictional, or metaphysical meaning.

Also significant in this image and its connotations is the idea that what is left over by one person (or context) can, no matter how humble it may appear, become the fodder for growth for another person or a new context.

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