Friday, May 04, 2007

Dictionary Definition: Inglot

Inglot (noun): IN-glo. Inglot describes a psychological state, an existential experience of tumbling alone, numbed, and helpless through the gaps in the fabric of the world.

Some of the alibin and quilard are endowed with the ability to find and rescue "tumblers", that is, individuals lost in inglot.

Inglot occurs when individuals become trapped in lives that sever them from contact with positive aspects of their kyabi. There are no known cases of intentional inglot, but inglot is prevalent among those who are not grounded through stable circumstances and strong relationships.

Healing inglot requires a form of re-birthing in which the individual is integrated into circumstances and relationships that correspond with the positive aspects of her or his kyabi and match some of the individuals core talents and dreams. It is essential that the structures already exist, at least in their basic form, or else the risk of renewed isolation and a repeated experience of inglot becomes too great.

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