Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tag Book

Happy New Year! I hope 2007 will be a year you can enjoy: a year in which you find the inspiration, willpower, and energy to create a life you find productive and satisfying on all counts, especially in connection with your art.

I spent yesterday playing with ideas for my upcoming library project. I'll write more about that in late January or early February. Anyway... one of my arty friends, Gena, was home in the USA in December, and while she was there she picked up a box of 500 shipping tags at an office supply store. Most European-based paper artists will know how delighted I was at this news, especially as the box wasn't all that expensive. (Artists from the USA might need to know that craft/scrapbooking supplies in most of Europe are nothing like as good or as easily available as in the USA. I can't even get simple things like shipping tags in Germany.) PayPal and email are great for things like this: Gena emails to tell me what she's found and to ask if I can use it, and I PayPal the necessary cash to pay for it.

So there I was yesterday afternoon, trying to come up with one or two "success guaranteed" ideas for first-timers that also don't make a lot of mess or need a great deal of clean-up materials/facilities. This tag booklet is a prototype of one of the ideas. I used eight tags here, and I think this model would work nicely with anything between three and thirty tags (think phone list to mini journal).

I'll post a picture tutorial tomorrow.

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Gena said...

Wow! I knew it wouldn't be long until you got going with those tags! The colors and fibers turn the tags into a sort of celebration... I love tags! How did you bind them here? With a simple line of glue? It sure is invisible! Lovely work.