Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Prompt Cards

Yesterday Maz' prompt card project arrived. The idea is to create a set of 104 art prompts, using both sides of a pack of (52) cards.

As it happened, I'd been picking through the freebie magazine I picked up at a supermarket and had some interesting images ready and waiting. Creating the cards was a quick and easy project. They'll probably be on their way to the next artist tomorrow!

Most of the cards are straightforward and rely on simple images. I thought twice about keeping the little boy for a project of my own, but... then it occurred to me that I could go back to the supermarket and pick up another copy of the mag.

This is a wonderful project idea. I can see it working well for artists of all levels of experience and in various types of setting.

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Jill said...

These are fabulous Susan...great ideas :)