Thursday, December 28, 2006

Colour Me Happy

This is a pocket I created for Shakti's color Me Happy journal. Instead of sending a completed journal around, she sent all participants a pre-cut pocket to work with.

The background for my pocket is done in watercolour crayon (Caran D'Ache Neocolour), which I scribbled on then "painted" and fixed with baby wipes. I love this technique. It'S so simple. but the colors are stunning and you can achieve lots of gradients and effects with next to no effort. Over that I stuck scraps of lampmaking fleece left over from another project.

I then punched some holes around the edge of the pocket and sewed on eyelash yarn and big, bright leafy sequins.

My leftover box contained a few sentiments from a paper pad, so I painted over some cards and stuck them on before popping then into the pocket, so it wouldn't seem so bare.


shawa_strong_wind said...

...Glorious colours! This Journal is turning out to be the very best one in 2006!And thanks to the format. I just love the uneven finished chunk of original art!

Have a very Interesting 2007, and I do hope that some of the projects you shared a while back will come true for you!

A warm hug,

Kari said...

I feel happy looking at this!

Kari x