Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let's Get Cookin'

Art is nourishment for soul and senses, but from time to time, we must also nourish our bodies, but being artists... These are the spreads I did in Mika and Shakti's Gourmet Journals. Mika's recipe is for a deliciously creamy summer pudding that can be made either with dairy products or with soy and accompanied by any soft fruits available.

Shakti's recipe is also a dessert, but this one is really, truly soul food... What do you mean "what"? I mean chocolate, of course!

This versatile chocolate cake can be made with different kinds of added ingredients (and remember, the more and better the chocolate, the better it serves the needs of your soul). It doesn't take a lot of time and effort to make, there is no need to bake it, and it tastes wonderful. Yes, it's possible to make a cheapie version, but being chocolate gourmets, Shakti and I fully understand that the better the chocolate, the better it is for our souls. If economies are necessary, be sure to get your priorities right: halve the ingredients, make a smaller cake, and eat it alone!


Lara Lorelei said...
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Lara Lorelei said...

I love your idea of economising with the chocolate cake. I can relate to that and to chocolate being the only food for the soul LOL

Claire xx
PS I managed to post and remove this earlier- not sure how I did that sorry

shawa_strong_wind said...

Niam niam niam... :-P
I´ll do it, then eat it at my computer (watching... what else? Return of the King! Hahahah)

Gena said...

Gorgeous work, great fun, sounds yummy!