Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Something old, something new...

This lady has lain around in parts on my kitchen windowsill for quite some time. I eventually managed to fit the pieces together so that doll and box are combined. At some point I intend to create an artist's journal to fit in the box, but I'm glad to have come so far with this piece, after all the delays.

Talking of which... after several months of waiting, breath holding and hoping, I've just received a phone call to tell me that I can start my library project next week. I don't really want to complain, as I'm glad for the opportunity to do the work, but this last minute stuff is exactly the kind of thing I detest. Had everything gone as planned (the librarian said she'd contact me mid-month), I'd have had a couple of weeks time in which to get myself organized, get leftover commitments out of the way, arrange for other people to take on some tasks, and all that. But I guess we all know that many (if not most) people are not good at remembering and keeping commitments, sigh...

So, the project I've been waiting to launch is poised to happen. I have to document it for my records, and as the project is decidedly art focused, I've decided to do part of my documentation here on my blog.

A brief reminder: I'll be teaching book arts and creative writing in the local library as a six-month project. My special focus will be on introducing people to Altered Books. I intend to close the project phase with an exhibition of AB created by participants during the project. As far as I can ascertain, nothing like this has taken place in German before now, so it's pioneer work. Through the project I hope to create a job for myself, either as a city employee or through contacts I make during the project.

The project is more complex than that, of course, as are the hopes and intentions I have for it. One of the aims I have in mind is to help other unemployed artists (art teachers, talented amateurs...) in Germany by documenting the project and making my concept and the documentation available, so they can apply for funding to do similar projects in their own areas. Bureaucrats are always happy to know that someone has successfully gone before, so that's the role I've taken upon myself. I'm convinced this is an idea that can be replicated to create meaningful employment and make art more accessible and hands-on to the much-cited "average" person.

Here we go, then...


Margaret F. said...

Congratulations, and best of luck with your library project. A bit more lead time would have been nice, wouldn't it?! I'll follow the developments on your blog.

Andrew Eason said...

ounds like a great project. All the best with it.

shawa_strong_wind said...

Exactly the kind of project I would love to do in Spain (Spain is even more backward than Germany art-wise, plus I´m not Spanish, lol, so...patience is the mother of all virtues, they say...).
I´ll follow your adventure with a lot of interest.:-)
You´re prepared, jump right in, you´ll be brilliant!
Best thoughts,

Lara Lorelei said...


This is fantastic news, even if you haven't had a huge amount of time to sort other things out first.

I'll be watching with interest- you'll be great at this

Good luck and huge hugs