Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Library Project - 7 February

Be warned: I'm having a little bit of a moan here today. Here we go... I'm glad I have the ability to see some things clearly before they happen; it makes them just that little bit easier to bear when they do.

Yesterday I had a planning meeting to discuss the programme the library would like me to present. The proposal I made contained a sumptuous array of ideas and possibilities that delighted and excited everyone who saw it, including the decision makers in question. Even so, I knew in advance that when make-your-mind-up-time came around I wouldn't be able to persuade them to try everything. But why, why, why, when offered a buffet of delicacies for which you and I and probably any other writer/artist we know would fall on our knees and thank the Divine, do other people still want to eat hamburger and chips/fries, so to speak? The question is, of course, rhetorical.

This is the point at which I'm supposed to say: Oh well, it might have been worse. But this is my blog, and being me, I have to say, it could have been a lot better. They have, at least, opted for Altered Books, which is a blessing, but everything else is at the safe, predicable, and more craft that art end of the spectrum. I hope I'll be able to add some of the more exciting, innovative things further along.

Usually, I only work with adults. Against better judgement and my proclamations to date I eventually agreed to do one AB course for girls aged 16 and above. I did, though, make it clear I would only do it if they can behave, and if they can work independently after instruction and demos. I'll be there to advise and suggest, of course, but I don't want to get into "stick that here" and "draw that there" situations.

So, I have to create a draft flyer today. I'll take it in tomorrow, and then we'll see how long it takes for the flyer to be photocopied. I hope it will only be a 24-hour turnaround job. My fear on that is that my "why wait?" approach will meet with a fairly typical "why hurry?" view of the world.

Sigh. I really could use some things (arty and otherwise) going my way for a change. Sigh.

On another topic: here's something utterly beautiful to look at. Mika sent it to one of our art lists yesterday (thank you so much, Mika). Free up a few undisturbed minutes. Take a look.

Ashes and Snow

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