Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Crone Journal

This is a spread I completed in Lee's Crone Journal. The spread plays on forms of trinity. Among other things, the maiden looks out from within the heart of the mother. The mother is represented by a torso with a red sash tied at the waist--a widespread wedding custom in many cultures--and tiny red roses. The maiden appears to possess no body of her own, and the mother's body seems both to stand out and to be incomplete. The scraps of sewing pattern and the rich fabric and bead border reinforce the idea of body and dress.

Click to enlarge.

The black and white crone at the bottom right seems to be leaving the page. The pop-up in the center of the page opens to reveal crone wisdoms watched over by angelic figures -- messengers from a different dimension.


Jill said...

Gorgeous piece Susan. I do love your work, it is always so well thought through. I also love the idea of a Crone Journal :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan. I'm glad you posted about that spread. As you and I know, it looks even better "for real". This is a great photo but it doesn't do justice to the lushness and beauty of your crone pages. So looking forward to putting the final touches to Lee's book.

Gena said...

A typical Susan work - so enticing and rich in symbol, color and meaning! Wow! Lovely, lovely!