Friday, December 08, 2006

Blank Albums

With Christmas approaching, I've been making lots of little accordion fold blank journals/photo albums -- so called "exploding books". As as it turns out, they are in demand. This year I made some in a larger (approximately six-inch) format, as well as the smaller (four-inch) size, and I can barely keep up with requests. I had to make a couple of quick and dirty album/scrapbook examples, as scrapbooking is not widely known or popular here, but when people saw what they could do, they were interested. Here are a couple of blank six-inch albums. The great thing is that the cover paper is from a luxury brand wallpaper pattern book, so it cost me nothing.


PrairieMuse said...

These are lovely, Susan. After the holidays I must get back to paper projects..too many fabric ones to complete before Christmas. (sigh)

I wish you well. Have a Merry Christmas.

Jill said...

...and they look so wonderful Susan.
I find your work so inspirational, thankyou :)