Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So Long Since Summer

A while back, a friend (Ursel) from Berlin visited her mother, who lives in a village not far from here. While she was up north, she dropped in for a couple of hours one evening and, among other things, told me about her summer holiday and events she'd experienced. She had a sheaf of photos to document it all, too, but no album in which to stick them.

Well... as you can guess, that's a state of affairs it takes next to no time at all to change. While she was here, she admired a little envelope journal and a tag booklet, and as I know here tastes and color preferences quite well, it was easy to create something similar that will be to her taste.

Ursel has been on dutiful daughter detail over Christmas, so I think she deserves a little something to remind her of more abandoned days of summer long gone. I'll be popping her journal in the mail tomorrow.

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Gena said...

Well done Susan, you've brilliantly captured the feeling of "vacation" here... takes me right in. I'm sure the photos will only reinforce this! Very thoughtful idea!