Monday, November 20, 2006


While working on the Sacred Space spread, I felt an overwhelming need to create a mermaid. The mermaid will be integrated into another of my works in progress, which--and this will probably not amaze you in the least--is a tower shrine.

There exists a lot of folklore about mermaids, some of it positive, some less so. Much of the folklore speaks of mermaids as innocents led by love to a mortal to leave their home and live outside their element. I could tell you a story that spans decades, no, aeons, and involves two people and a long journey and a ruined church tower, but I think you'll get my drift, even without the details.


Chantal said...

Gorgeous mermaid!!!

Margaret said...

Your mermaid's lower body is tied, so her movements might be hampered. The shells, from her natural environment, are much smaller than the leaves from the foreign environment. She needs to live in a shrine all her own, since she belongs neither here nor there - not totally, anyway. The tower, on water's edge, would be perfect!