Saturday, July 27, 2013

This is another item from the package I prepared for a friend. I need to send the package off a second time. First time around, I used packing tape that was a little too slick and the stamps detached themselves in transit, so the package was returned to me. Oh well, sigh. 

The person who'll get this was one of the travelling artists on the first TAG journey. She'll be taking part in the next journey, as well. What you see here is something I created to make the journey more interesting. The substrate is a canvas. I drew the hills, painted them, and then wrote a message along the outlines. For the next step, I covered matchboxes in map paper, added a brad as a drawer pull, then glued the boxes around the edge of the canvas. Each of the  boxes contain a sealed message with an invitation to do something that will add to the story.

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