Thursday, March 15, 2007

Serendipity Paper

Only another programmer will understand the joy I feel right now, because I finally got the blessed email form on the site I'm working on to function this morning! Oh bliss!

Anyway... to celebrate, I've taken a few minutes time out to upload these (as yet uncut) sheets of serendipity paper.

I dare say everyone and her pet dragon knows how to make serendipity paper by now, but just in case... Simply slap any scraps of paper, magazine pictures, lamp fleece, and the like you have lying around willy nilly onto a sheet of paper and glue them down. When the glue is dry, either glaze the sheet with a thin layer of acrylic paint or stamp randomly all over to unify the elements. Cut the sheet as desired to make ATC backgrounds, AB covers, tip-in backgrounds, and so on.

When you see the sheets in one piece, like those shown here, it can be hard to believe that serendipity is worth the trouble, but when the sheets are cut to size for a project, they pop!


Linda D. said...

I disagree - I think that even whole pages look wonderful! Love the colour combinations that you used on these, definitely worth the effort :)

shawa_strong_wind said...

Oh I just didn´t know they were called "serendipity papers"! ;-)