Friday, October 20, 2006

Sidney the Tattooed Skeleton

This is Sidney. Rather, it was Sidney. Well, to be precise, it was part of him.

Sidney and I met the other day when I was in the euro (dollar) store. He was, as I discovered, hiding out in a barrel of Halloween stuff. Walking down the aisles I heard a little voice whisper "help". (It's unbelievably hard to shout when you don't have vocal chords, or any of the other paraphernalia you need in order to speak up.) I looked around, and then I heard it again: "Help me!"

All I could see was a skeleton hand gripping the rim of a bargain bin. Bravely, I dug down and uncovered Sad-Eyed Sidney... all 150 centimetres of him. He looked decidedly lost, dejected, and cold, which was not surprising, as he was, as skeletons are wont to be, stark naked.

"Take me away from here," he pleaded. And since his price tag was only 20 cents, I did. Actually, I took his brother, too, but that's another story.

As carefully as I could, I packed him into my bicycle basket and carried him home. That evening I sat him at one end of my sofa, and we had a little heart to heart. Ummmm... ok, we had a little heart to where a heart would normally have been. It quickly became clear that Sidney was totally depressed, so I decided the only thing I could do was try to bring a little color back to his life. I slaved away with gel pens for two evenings.

As you can see, it worked. Sidney now looks decidedly brighter. He's changed his name from Sad-Eyed Sidney to Sidney the Tattooed Skeleton and is now contemplating a new career as part of a travelling circus. He's thrilled to bits! (I'll fix that in a day or two with the help of a few grommets.)

Just in case you're wondering, Sidney's brother, Boney Brian, now lives with my 8-year-old granddaughter. She thinks he's scary, but guess where she's hung him? At the end of her bed -- that's where. Go and work that one out....


Lee Ambrose said...

Cute Susan!
I spend many hours browsing the several dollar stores in this area! They each have different merchandise and you can't beat the price! Great for altered art~

Anart Island Studio said...

Susan, you never stop to amaze me with your new ideas!!! I just love it!! I am so glad we both found ways to be creative again...and when I think about the album you showed me ages agai wih this little embossed flower...I just have to smile....what did I know then??? Nothing!!!!


shawa_strong_wind said...

We have these stores in Spain too! And I´m a regular customer, since you can find such interesting thingies, and virtually for nothing! I am known around here to have gone for "serious" shopping and coming home with a load of weirdies! (Weirdies for other people, everything that I buy makes PERFECT sense to an Altered Art fan! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ha...of course..a 'Euro Store', and the 'Peso Store', the 'Yen Store'.....universal? Not America, it's the '99-cent store'.
Those Americans..they always think they can do som.......