Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dollmakers: The Next Generation

This is Britney Superstar, created by my granddaughter Kimberley (8). She's caught the paper doll bug. In fact, she spent around three solid hours this afternoon making the doll and sewing various clothes for her, mostly by herself.

Here is a photo of the artist at work. I think you can see the flow.

As you can also see, the artist and the model are one and the same person.

She took my "Wild Girl" doll as a model and worked from that. She figured out most of the steps herself and only had me running around at the start to help her find the tools and materials she needed. She's already planning her next project: a mermaid doll based on the one Maria sent me as part of the Secret Self challenge.

Kimberley also took the doll photo herself.


Lee Ambrose said...

There is such joy in passing along one's love of art/reading/etc to a child... My sweet Caleb will likely never make paper dolls but KelseyRose will one day (she is 4) And both of them share my passion for reading... So, this piece makes me smile a huge smile- the kind that only grandmothers understand fully Lee

Gena said...

Tell Kimberly I love her doll! How great to have a little playmate like that. I always wanted that in my kids and had a table with all sorts of creative goods, tools and books... which are now hand me downs. We did some great things together - one Kim would pobably love... take a huge piece of kraft paper, lie it on the floor, have her lie on top of it and trace her body. Then she can decorate that, make it into a monster, a mermaid or whatever. I did this with my son when he was 7 or 8 and he kept it on his wall until he was 12! We made a cyclops with a huge eye made from salt paste.

Anyway, good going both of you!!