Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Shakti, Shakti... What have you started? Yesterday afternoon I cycled up to the el cheapo (euro/dollar store) and bought a pack of gel pens. Twenty-five for a euro, half of them glittery. I was actually amazed that they all seem to work. Anyway... This is the doodle I started last night while CSI (blasted repeats, of course!) was keeping me -- ahem -- entertained. I thought I'd get in a little bit of practice (and fill a page in my journal) in readiness for the doodle art project, and what happened? Go on, guess? Flow happened. Hours and hours of flow. It happens often anyway, but this was something else. I'll probably finish this tonight, because the TV program is even worse than yesterday's.


Linda said...

Oh lol!!! I can see the same happening to me... looks wonderful so far! Quite amazing... :D

Jill said...

how fantastic - extremely artful doodling :)