Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pianola Paper Journal

A couple of weeks back, Wendy from the UK kindly sent me some pianola paper - large "ticker tape" style rolls of music that go into barrel organs or automatic pianos. I used part of the roll to make the block for this pocket journal.

My original idea was to thread fibres through the lines of holes to accentuate the notation through color and touch, and you may just be able to make out the threads and the holes in the second image (the back of the pocket journal). However, the paper proved too thin to do threading in the style I first imagined.

I still have a considerable length of paper left, and I'd still like to try the threading. Earlier today I stuck the pianola strip to a sturdier paper and used a paper pricking needle to punch the holes into the new layer, ready to sew. More on that when I've actually done it.


Margaret F. said...

Looking great, but unfortunately I can't detect the pianola part - it does not show up in the pictures., or at least I can't make it out. I'm sure it is even nicer in real life. Very nice work, as usual, Susan!

shawa_strong_wind said...
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shawa_strong_wind said...

Ah yes! That gives me a great idea for a new journal! Thanks!
I just love reading your blog, Susan!... :-D

As for artsy things coming your way, if I was in the decision-making could count on me! ;-)