Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tree Hearts

This week I needed a lot of favors as thank-you gifts, so I decided to use up some of the bits and bobs of paper from my stash. I created a large folk heart template and used it to draw and cut two hearts for each favour.

I first embellished the front heart with scraps and with punched flowers, stars, or hearts. Then I sewed two hearts together (sewing machine), punched holes close to the top and threaded through some coiled wire as a handle. I coiled the florist's wire (which comes in many colors) around the handle of a wooded spoon. To finish off, I added some fluffy fibres.

Each heart contains two little tags, for personal wishes, and a miniature bar of chocolate.

These would look good on a Christmas tree. All you need to do is cut a template a size that suits your needs.


Cre8Tiva said...

i am always inspired when i visit you...these hearts are just perfect for something i need to do...thank you...blessings, rebecca

Gena said...

What a great idea for using up scraps and so forth AND for making little gifts! Bravo for the sewing feat!

Jean Knee said...

I love those