Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Divine Feminine 3

Here are the final three arches I made for the "Divine Feminine" swap. The arches destined for others are already in the mail, and I'm now eagerly awaiting the arrival of those intended for me.

The idea we had was to combine the "Thirteenth Month" arches with the "Divine Feminine", so, once the arches have arrived, I'll need to consider how I want to bind them. I can already tell it is going to be an awesome book once it's finished.

This has been an extremely satisfying project for me and, I gather, for the other participants, as both themes spoke to us deeply, and the arches created by all participants were rich, deep, and evocative.

I'm also looking forward to the outcome of the "Seasons" doll swap which will be on their way home soon, as well. I've already seen a photo of all the gorgeous dolls that were made, and I can hardly wait to see which of them will be mine.


She Who Flies said...

Simply stunning! What a wonderful swap idea, and that theme is just right up my alley.

shawa_strong_wind said...

Divine! Mika, Adam and I are going to have a thick book of arches (6 x 3) since we are going to put all those we received together, with a few extras that we have of our own, because we couldn´t stop !...Looking forward to see how you made the binding! :-)