Friday, September 29, 2006

Artangel Friday

The AlteredArtsEurope group is in the process of completing a "Trash to Treasure" swap. Most of the swappers have already received their booty. Mine arrived the other day, and I've been playing with it, adding bits and pieces to some of my little works in progress and allowing myself to be inspired by the materials to create new objects.

This was a playful little doll I made today, just because... It's an Artangel, and the scraps I used from my treasure box were the star punchinella on the halo, a scrap of fabric on the dress, and a piece of skeleton leaf.

Click the image to see a larger version.

It really is true that one artist's project leftovers (the trash) are another person's treasure. We all have access to different things, and by swapping we help each other try out new stuff we might not have been able to find or wouldn't have thought of using.

All you need to do is find at least one swap partner. Each swapper takes a shoe box and cuts a narrow slit in the lid. The idea is that you can slip stuff into the box but can't pull it out again. The lid is then taped shut. Over a period of time, the boxes fill with project leftovers (and usually also the occasional RAK). The boxes are swapped out after the agreed period. You don't miss the scraps, because you'd either have thrown them away or hidden them in a drawer in any case. They haven't' cost you loads of money. You don't have to give away good stuff from your stash. You give what you probably wouldn't use again.

The usual reaction when a box arrives is the kind of joy people say they last experienced as kids at Christmas. I know I tend to find just the right scrap for...


Chantal said...

Hi Susan. Love your Artangel!!! Beautifully and resourcefully made. And I was inspired by what you wrote about the swap box. What a cool idea. I've exchanged goodie bags with several artsy friends, but like the idea of a swap box that fills up gradually... I'm going to find myself a swap box partner.

Gena said...

Excellent idea! Gorgeous rendition - a great mascot for your blog!

Jill said...

She is a delight :)